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Effective Solutions: Not Only High-Quality Products

Nowadays, we have earned a reputation for delivering the best solutions of aircraft warning light systems, but we trust that our real strenght is to provide real effective solutions, and not only very high-quality hardware.

We have 20+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of aircraft warning light systems: we are engineers, designers, technicians and experts with detailed knowledge of national and international standards, regulations and recommendations: ICAO, FAA, CAP, ENAC.

Our approach helps customers to fully understand the various technology solutions and the consequences of decisions: it helps to identify uncertainties and results in better understanding of the technical and regulatory requirements.

Precisely in this way we developed, together with main actors of Telecom, Building and Energy sectors, tailored business cases for design strategies that have met all expectations and needs.

Our projects always show high levels of customer interaction because we value long-term partnerships with customers.

Light Marking Solutions for:

Tall buildings
Telecommunication towers
Water towers
Power lines
Cooling towers

Low Intensity Obstruction Lights

Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights

Obstruction Light Accessories