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About Clampco Sistemi

Established in 1989, Clampco Sistemi is a division of Calzavara S.p.A., an Italian company active in telecommunications and renewable energies sectors: Clampco Sistemi is the brand for a whole set of products ranging from aircraft warning light systems to antennas and probes for EMF measurements.

Nowadays, Clampco Sistemi has earned a reputation for delivering the best solutions of aircraft warning light systems worldwide; the core-business, in fact, consists of design and production of customized obstruction light systems for different markets and applications such as Oil&Gas, Telecom, Aviation, Building, Power Distribution.

Where solutions, reliability and business meet

There are many unmistakable characteristics that define Clampco Sistemi brand: solutions, reliability, professionalism. Yet it is the combination of these characteristics that makes Clampco Sistemi so unique. At Clampco Sistemi solutions and reliability meet the business.

We are a team of engineers, designers and technicians who, since 1989, develop, design and sell worldwide the best solutions of aircraft warning light systems.

All aircraft warning light systems under the brand Clampco Sistemi you meet around the world have fully complied with the requirements of the customer and - above all - with our standard of excellence.

We, at Clampco Sistemi, are very proud to offer our products and services with theese highest level of excellence.

Designing and manufacturing in Italy

We are a world leading company in the design and the manufacturing of aircraft warning lights. Our know-how is unique and we are well known for constant innovation. It’s the quality and the innovation of our products that establish the worldwide reputation of Clampco Sistemi brand. Due to our experience in working with lighting industry, we control all of the steps in the manufacturing process to make your product "unique": the design, the production, the control and the after-sales service, everything being made in our plant in Basiliano (Udine) in Italy.

· CAD, Tooling, Design: in the development of a product, we determine the technical specifications, where we include both our sales department and our customers to clearly understand the product requirements. We design our own obstruction lights. This allows us to control the process and to respond quickly to repair, maintenance and quality issues.

· Production, Control: all of our products are manufactured at our plant in Basiliano (Udine) in Italy. We have the ability to design and produce all of the assemblies and machines to check the quality and characteristics of the manufactured parts and to ensure the tracking of each manufactured part.

· Distribution: products are exported in more than 70 countries.

· After sale services: the after-sales service is made by Clampco Sistemi or by our distributors.

Meet Clampco Sistemi team

Clampco Sistemi history & milestones

Quality and certifications

The attention for quality is testified by the certification UNI EN ISO 9001.

Regulation conformity

Product quality and regulation conformity are certified by external laboratories. Products have obtained the conformity certification to:

ICAO Annex 14, volume l "International standards and recommended practices: Aerodrome design and operations"
FAA AC 150/5345-43F; "Specification for obstruction lighting equipment"
ATEX "Directive 94/9/EC" - BKI 06 ATEX 051 and INERIS 01 Atex 0056X.

Made in Italy

The design, the production, the control and the after-sales service are made in our plant in Basiliano (Udine) in Italy